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August 26, 2014

The writers of the letter are addressing some of their appeals to the German taxpayers because there are also projects funded by German tax money which are being destroyed in Gaza. The German government had already explained in 2012 that German-funded projects were being hampered or even destroyed in the Palestinian territories under Israeli control. The writers claim that, in the present conflict, almost the entire work of international development organisations, charities and NGOs working on the ground in the Gaza Strip has also been destroyed; in a material sense with the bombings, but the effects on the people are even worse. The entire civilian population is traumatised. The writers state that this situation cannot be changed through projects and that there’s a need for a wholesale policy reform, as demanded in the open letter.

The scholars urge the German government to:

• give emphatic support to the recognised Palestinian unity government which was sworn in officially in July, and to strengthen its governing power over the Gaza Strip, as well as its capacity to act in all of the Palestinian territories, including East Jerusalem;

• investigate the killing of civilians before and during the attacks on the Gaza Strip, to actively contribute to an international inquiry and to support Palestine in joining the International Criminal Court (ICC). At the same time to investigate the destruction of civil infrastructure (such as the bombing of Gaza’s only power station, sewage treatment plants, hospitals etc.) which has been financed by EU and German funds for years, and to demand compensation off Israel;

• do all that it can to put an end to the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories, and to suggest legally-binding strategies in accordance with international law for both sides to settle the conflict.

Visit the link:  Scholars Are Urging the German Government to Rethink Its Unconditional Support of Israel




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