Why The Violence


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September 8, 2014

According to UNICEF Chief of Child Protection Bruce Grant, these cases represent only a fraction of the needs.

“There are at least 373,000 children in desperate need of psychosocial support, and we have to move fast to help them,” says Grant. “Time is not on our side.”

While the current ceasefire holds, UNICEF and its partners are accelerating work on identifying the families most in need. Over the next four months, PCDCR, with help from UNICEF, will provide psychosocial support to 35,000 children and 10,000 caregivers through structured activities and one-on-one counselling. Symptoms of distress commonly exhibited by children include bedwetting, clinging to parents and nightmares.

At least 494 Palestinian children were reported killed during the hostilities in Gaza, and 2,101 others injured. UNICEF is seeking to raise US$4.5 million for psychosocial support programmes, as part of a larger appeal of $12.5 million for the whole child protection response plan.

Visit the link: Treating the hidden wounds of Gaza’s children



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